How do I know if counselling is right for me?

If you are thinking about starting some counselling, I invite you to come for an initial 50 minute session to explore what you would hope to gain from it and how well we think we might work together. It is an opportunity for you to experience my way of working and consider whether you would feel comfortable working with me. It is also an opportunity for me to assess whether I feel I am well placed to work with you and the issues you are bringing.

How long can I expect to be in counselling?

Counselling is a very unique process. Many clients experience positive changes very quickly, be it reduced levels of anxiety, improvements in their overall mood, or relief of other symptoms they are experiencing. Some may want only a few sessions to address a very specific issue; others, however, choose to stay longer. I offer short or long term counselling according to your individual needs. I encourage new clients to come for at least six sessions before we review and discuss whether you wish to continue.

When and where would we meet?

Sessions last for 50 minutes and usually take place weekly, either in the evening or during the day.

Sessions take place in therapy rooms in either Streatham or Wimbledon, depending on where is most convenient for you. Both rooms are 5 minutes walk from the train station, on several bus routes, and have parking available nearby.

Is everything we talk about confidential?

I am committed to protecting your confidentiality and privacy. This means that information about you and what you discuss in our sessions remains confidential. The only times this may not be possible are if I am concerned you are at risk of harming yourself or others, or I am compelled by law to disclose information. In such circumstances I would wherever possible share my concerns with you before considering further action.  

I also discuss my work with my clinical supervisor, who adheres to the same professional code of ethics and is also committed to maintaining your confidentiality.

How much does a session cost?

A session, including the initial session, costs £50. I offer concessions to clients on a low income and to students. Payments are made in cash, during the session.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend a session, you will not have to pay if you give more than a week’s notice. If, however, you give less than a week’s notice, you will have to pay for any sessions you miss.